Since 1997, Conquest Communications Group has provided message consulting and direct contact services to political campaigns and business organizations throughout the United States. Our entire staff is committed to understanding your organization’s objectives and working to achieve them.

Conquest Communications provides:

  • The expertise and technology to craft a winning mixed media campaign
  • A wide array of message delivery services to provide the right message via the right method
  • Data management and research services to help refine your message
  • A true commitment to customer satisfaction

Conquest’s expert team has played a part in producing thousands of campaign plans, message deployments, and data research projects. We can build a winning strategy for your organization and help you develop a budget and timeline that will put you on the road to success. Our partners and associates have decades of strategic expertise in message development and deployment, and are always available to consult with your team to ensure your effort is on the right track. For strategic political campaign consulting, Conquest’s close alliance with Bold Stroke Associates allows for seamless coordination of effort.

Conquest’s headquarters is located in Richmond, Virginia. Having our call center facility at the same location as our executive offices allows our team to directly supervise your campaign’s deployment. Conquest’s reputation for quality, integrity and reliability is among the highest in its sector.

We know how to build winning campaigns.

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