Market Research Fulfillment

Conquest’s team can help you plan your next move by conducting telephone or web-based market-research.

Our staff is ready to provide the best service the industry has to offer, from simple data collection to complete survey design. Our experienced team of telephone operators and web-design experts will be at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. Conquest’s telephone operators routinely call both landlines and cell phones, and our web-design experts are adept at creating flexible interfaces for desktop and mobile viewing. Our team is also equipped to handle the most complex surveys.

Conquest’s quick turn-around time, both in implementation and reporting, makes us first in our field. On the back-end, Conquest offers individually priced statistical analysis and are able to return your data to you in whatever format you need (including industry standard SPSS). Upon request we also provide additional reporting and interpretation as well as on-site presentation of results.